Maintenance Contracts

  • Annual and Periodic Operation and maintenance contracts of HVAC Systems, Lab and Medical Refrigeration Equipments, Commercial and industrial refrigeration system.
  • Inspection .Trouble shooting and repairing of Commercial Refrigerators Dairy coolers, Vegetable coolers and Meat freezers.
  • Partial upgrading and total replacement of old and defective systems of Commercial Refrigeration and Centralized Air condition.
  • Erection. Pre start testing. Start-up and commissioning of commercial and industrial refrigeration and centralized Air condition systems.
  • Testing.  Adjusting. and  Balancing of  Air  and  Water Networking  in HVAC  and Centralized package Air conditioning  Systems.
  • Overhauling. Servicing and Repairing of Semi sealed or Semi hermetic reciprocating compressor and open type reciprocating compressors.
  • Selection. Installation. Erection. Commissioning of  HVAC systems inclusive of all Electrical  Mechanical and Instrumentation works
  • Selection. Installation. & commissioning of commercial cold stores Equipments Covering Dairy coolers. Meat and poultry freezers inclusive of all Related Electrical and  Mechanical works